Disparity in Hong Kong

background_1When people think of Hong Kong, their minds fill with pictures of futuristic skyscrapers painting the sky, colossal shopping malls, amazing restaurants, attraction parks and so much more. After all, HK is one of the economic capitals of Asia. But there is one aspect that people fail to look at, I myself overlook this huge aspect which doesn’t seem believable in a city like Hong Kong. Poverty. Yes, poverty. In a city which is the home to around 80 billionaires, how can such poverty exist?

I want to bring this serious topic to your attention because as I’ve said before, it is something that so many people overlook. As a kid who was new to HK, after my first impression, I would have never imagined poverty existing here. Until I saw it with my own eyes, people in a busy rush hour, begging by the streets. I can’t sum up that feeling into words. On one side there are branded outlets and on the other side of the road are people living below the poverty line and can barely afford a subdivided flat. Ironic, isn’t it? As some people have said, ‘It is like two different worlds in one city’.

Many people live in government housing which is quite cheap, but there is an extremely long waiting list. People that apply sometimes have to wait for years. In the meantime, it becomes a necessity to live in subdivided flats. Can you imagine living in a place where four people can barely stand comfortably, or having to share a common kitchen and washroom with several other families? What if you can’t afford that either? Hiding amongst the multimillion apartments and buildings, there are caged homes. They are literally six-by-three foot metal cages stacked inside a small room. And what gets on my nerves is that people have to pay rent to live in a metal cage. I’m surprised that it is legal in the first place.

Even though the government is putting efforts into reducing disparity, but unfortunately the gap gets wider day-by-day. If the system continues like this, the rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer.


Hey everyone!
My name is Simarpreet Kaur Panjeta.
Simar, for short. I’m 13 years old and
I am a student in King George V School.
I’m an artistic person, and
as you can already see, I love to write.



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