108638023-lowOne nice Sunday morning, my doorbell rang. Who it could be? No one ever visits without calling. It must be urgent. As I, opened the door, I saw two young clergy men, standing before me and smiling.

One nice Sunday morning, my doorbell rang.  Who it could be? No one ever visits without calling.  It must be urgent.   As I, opened the door, I saw two young clergy men, standing before me and smiling.

“Good morning,” they said.

I returned their smile.  One of the men looked at my beard and turban covered head and asked, “Are you a Sikh?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Are you a religious person?”

“That depends how you define religion.”

The younger one was asking the questions and older one kept observing.

Young man asked, “Do you mind if I ask you question?”  He looked interested in my appearance.

“Not at all… You may ask as many as you please and I will do my best to answer.” 

I then sat down on the footsteps of my door; I smiled at him, willing and ready for his questions.

“How you call your…I mean, what’s the name of your God?”

“Young  man!” I replied.. “Is your God different than mine?” 

He paused… trying to think of an answer. 

I then asked him, “You are a preacher; in your opinion, how many Gods are there?”

“Only one God,” he said.

“If there is only one God, where does it come from?…your God and my God?…and about his name, his name is  ‘Sat Nam’.  ‘Sat’ means truth, and ‘Nam’ means name.  Therefore, God’s name means ‘truth’; this you can see it, through the love of mankind”

I glanced over at the young man’s name tag.  It said ‘John’. “John!” I called him by his name.

He looked at me.

“Is it true?” I asked him.


“Is it true, that ‘John’ is your name?”

“Yes…Everybody knows me by this name.”

“Did you choose your name?” I asked. 


“So, someone chose a name for you, and since then, everyone around you calls you ‘John’.  Therefore, you do not have a name of your own….This is the truth about God’s name as well.”

“Very interesting,” he replied as he nodded his head.  “I’ve read about Sikhs…Your name is “Singh;” doesn’t it mean ‘lion?’

“‘Singh’ means ‘lion’… yes.”

John came closer to me.  “I see your long beard…do you have long hair as well?” he asked looking at my turban covered head.

“Yes”…I replied.

“Why don’t you cut your hair?” he asked.

“Because, I trust in God.”

He looked at me. “Please explain.”

“We all say, in God we trust…but do we? God created human beings with a wonderful priceless body; every part of this body has been given to us for a reason.  Hair is a part of the body too. If any part of person`s body is destroyed or dysfunctional, because of some reason, that person is considered to be handicap.  Our brain is the most important part of the body; it’s like a hard disc in a computer.  To keep the brain functional and most efficient, hair provides physical protection and it is a source to transmit energy to and from the brain and its environment.  Kind of like an antennae…our hair is an extension of our nervous system.  Our hair provides thermal coverage and secures us from excess heat or cold.  Cutting our hair is like operating a computer without the cooling fan.  The brain executes functions in the entire body; to maintain brain function to its maximum efficiency, our hairs are extremely important.  The cutting of hair compromises all kinds of body relationships to itself and others.”

“And what about the beard?” he said, looking at my uncut beard.  “You don’t cut your beard either? “John asked again.

I looked at him and said, “You are a man and if you knew why God has grown the beard on your face, you will never ever shave again.”

John came closer as I spoke.   

“Facial hair are directly related to Testosterone (Male hormones), facial hair determines the manhood in grown men…every time you shave your facial hair, nature keeps on growing it back as soon as possible; as long as you are a man with manhood as is determined by nature.  When you shave your hair, you put your entire body under stress while it tries to grow it back.  The body uses its own nutrients to grow hair; those nutrients are directly related to that production of Testosterone in your body.  With every shave, you lose the nutrients that help you bring back the lost hairs on your face and to produce and keep the balance of testosterone in your body, which preserves the manhood, in you.  Every morning, when you look at your beard in the mirror, God reminds you that he gave you a beard because you are a man.  Every morning by shaving, you send a message to God, that you don’t trust him and you do not want to look like a man…you want to look like a women.   When you keep on shaving again and again every morning, it sends the message that you really are working hard to be a woman.

Darwin’s theory explains that a gradual, orderly and continuous process can change and develop conditions and states from one to another.  Physical and psychological changes can further bring changes in social, cultural and intellectual developments.   These changes could be simple to complex.  Simply saying… if a man is trying hard to become a women, act like a women, look like a woman… he will eventually become like a woman.  Since the last couple of decades, there have been drastic changes in physical and structural appearances, in both men and women.  By merely looking at people’s faces it is becoming difficult to distinguish between men and women; this process will continue with the destruction of body hair.  All over the world, and in various civilizations, wise men always keep their hair.  In ancient Indian cultures, the punishment for severe crimes, next to death, was to humiliate the person by cutting their hair.  Healthy hair indicates health and youth.  A well-known story, When Delilah cut Sampson’s hair, the once undefeatable Sampson was defeated.  It is disrespectful to destroy the gifts given to us by God; hairs are one of them.

Hairs create static energy, and have an electromagnetic field around it; cutting hair may create imbalance in the energy levels throughout a person’s entire body.  Hairs derive their nutrients from the solar system to keep one’s total energy in balance.  Hair usually grows more around the parts of a person’s body, where more energy and protection is required.  By cutting hair, we deny God’s ability and capability and lose belief, trust and respect in our relationship with God.  Hair is not a manmade product and it is not an option.  Society is greatly influenced more with fashion than facts.  Diseases like smoking and drinking are mostly a social trend; without knowing of the facts… they kill.  The Sikhs follow Guru Nanak’s concept of living a whole life; never cutting or shaving any part of the body, staying away from toxins such as smoking and alcohol and most importantly living a truthful way of life…I am one of them, I am a Sikh.”

As I finished, John ‘looked very excited… “Wow…I will never ever cut my hair again; I am a man.”
“In God, I trust.”


By Nirmal Singh


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