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WCC-slider-image-1_While India remains as a significant part of operations, Square Yards also aims to operate at a global level to tap real estate opportunities across geographies. Square Yards is presently operating in 5 countries, and dealing in real estate asset portfolios for India, US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Canada and UAE.

Very recently I visited my home land, India. It is intriguing how every time I visit it, I see a marked difference in it. Not just the infrastructure, which surely is changing at the speed of lightning, but people as well. The journey of meeting so many people, seeing the magnificence of the country’s length and breadth has always given me a kind of insight that few reports can. My recent visit was marked by one such interesting insight.

A friend of mine working in the developmental and social sector, who is what you will call a true ‘Mumbaikar’ was visiting Delhi and more off NCR region pretty often and was quite happy with the visits. Now if you any link to either of these
two cities, you will know that ‘Mumbaikars’ and ‘Delhities’ can hardly see eye-to-eye on any subject. Needless to say, I was curious to know what made her change her attitude towards Delhi and particularly NCR. “All the big companies are there.

The infrastructure is pretty awesome and people there are from everywhere really. It’s quite globalized and quite frankly most of the action is happening there. I like the vibe and the energy of it,” she said with a happy smile.

It just so happened that I visited Gurgaon and Noida shortly after and realized my friend was absolutely right. The city is growing and how! Microsoft, IBM, Amdocs, Norte, Dell, Nokia, SAP, Accenture, Motorola, Ericsson…I don’t think I have
covered even 20% of the big MNC’s here who already have a base in the NCR region. The numbers are growing by the minute. A few years ago, everyone seemed to be setting up or wanting to set up their base in Bangalore. Now, it is NCR and Hyderabad that pops up in every expansion strategy meeting of every big company.

According to a report by CRISIL, ‘Infrastructure improvement in the NCR region, along with the presence of information technology (IT) companies, has proved to be beneficial for the overall real estate market of the region. NCR is now home to major international and domestic companies, be it in IT, information technology enabled services, business process outsourcing companies, or other manufacturing and service industries.

These industries have boosted the demand for NCR’s residential real estate market’. The population of NCR as per 2011 census witnessed a 2.5% annual rise during the 2001-2011 decade, the total population now stands at 47.38 mm. NCR is India’s largest and the world’s second largest agglomeration. All the areas of NCR together generated GDP of $128.9 billion in 2011-12, which was 7.5 percent of Indian GDP. The numbers are enough to make you realize the real estate potential there.

Are you wondering now if you can invest in your homeland? Well, the numbers say and so do I stop thinking and start acting! Trust me you it’s very simple and there are companies like ours to make it even simpler for you. All you need is
a NRO (Non Resident Ordinary Rupee Account) or an NRE (Non Resident External Rupee Account) which can be a savings, recurring or current account with any bank. The process to open this account is as simple as opening any savings, current or recurring bank account, the procedure being the same. The other documents that you require is your PAN card, Passport, passport size photographs, address proof and a notarized power of attorney to someone in India.

I know what you are thinking. Sure, I will get all this, but I don’t live there, how do I know what to buy. How can I trust? This is where we step in. We got into this business because we were in the same situation a few years back. NRI’s wishing to buy property in India with no clue and no help.

We have seen and experienced all the roadblocks and created a system that will take care of all your needs. We came in the business because we wanted to help fellow NRI’s who wished to invest in their country. We are still committed to the cause. Our phenomenal growth is our success story. We wish to continue making it even bigger.

Kanika Gupta is the C.O.O. of Square Yards. Square Yards is the fourth largest and the fastest growing real estate consulting/advisory firm in India. Within just months of existence, Square Yards has become one of the most diversified and trusted real estate consultants in India. Our services include, Portfolio Management Services, Fair and Unbiased Advice, Market Research, Dedicated RM (Relationship Manager), Property Management – Leasing/ maintenance/ resale/ construction, Property Financing and all the Legal & Accounting Support. 


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