Reiki is a Japanese word, Rei means Universal and Ki means energy. The rei system of healing believes that the energy which is the life force or ‘Prana’ is present in every creation,every living thing. This life force energy is what we all need in the right quantity to ensure optimum health- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is this energy which brings life and sustains it. Any deficiency of the energy causes diseases or illness we call it.

What do we mean by Disease— Dis+Ease, Dis at ease causes disease. In Reiki we believe that body is the last to be unbalanced and disturbed. In the first level our spirit is unbalanced, if not cured our mind and emotions start losing balance. And when ignored by all mean at last stage, the body gets disturbed and unbalanced and a disease occurs. Reiki is a wonderful spiritual practice that in its original form is an Enlightenment producing system that allows a person to heal self and heal others. Words can’t explain it, it can only be experienced.

What is Reiki?
The Founder of reiki system of healing is Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr. usui was born in 1802 in japan.Dr. Usui was the Dean Of a Christian University, a group of students asked him if he believed, literally, all that was written in the bible. He replied that he did. The students then asked him if the would Explain how Jesus Christ healed with his hands.
Dr. usui had no answer to their questions. He then Resigned and decide to go to America and study Christianity in order to find his answer. He joined the university of Chicago and became a Doctor of Theology.

Since the Buddha was also known to have Healed with his hands he decided to study the Japanese Sutras on Buddhism but found no answer their either. He also study the Chinese sutras no avail. He Travelled to Tibet, another Buddhist country and learnt Sanskrit in order to read the Tibetan Sutras. He found the answer to what he was seeking but he realized that in order to use the theoretical information he had found he would need an empowerment.

handsDr.usui went meditate on the holy mountain KuramaYama just west of Kyoto. On the down of the twenty firSt day as he sat to meditate he saw a white light coming down towards him at great speed.At first he was very afraid and was sure he was going to die. Then he realised that this could be the answer he was waiting for.the light hit him in the centre of the forehead and he saw millions of rainbow coloured bubbles each containing a Sanskrit symbol. He fainted. when he became conscious he felt rejuvenated and Full of energy.

Now that he had this wonderful healing gift Dr. Usui wanted to know how best he could use It to serve humanity. The abbot come to the conclusion that the best place to the start was at the beggars colony in Kyoto where there were innumerable people in need of healing . so he went to the colony and started healing the beggars who had nothing to call their own_ not even names.
many were healed and left the colony to begin life anew. After a few year Dr. usui saw faces inThe colony that seemed familiar to him. he called one such person to him and asked him who he was.

The man explained that he was one of the first persons that had been healed. He had taken a name, married and tried to lead a normal life but found the responsibility too much. It was much easier being a beggar.
The disappointment he felt was great but this episode helped Dr. usui realise that mental, emotional and spiritual healing was as important as physical. To inculcate a sence of responsibility towards one’s life and to live in the attitude of gratitude.

Maa Amrit Leela (Shallu)
Reiki Grandmaster, Tarot Reader, Crystal Healer, Colour Therapist, Interpersonal management and Spiritual Teacher.


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