74Buying jewelry online has never been this easy, this popular or this addictive.

Jewelry has taken the e-commerce channel by a storm. There are independent websites for designers, websites that host various jewelers and designers, big department stores with websites that have a section for jewelry as they do for winter jackets and so on.

Apart from knowing what you want to buy and what exactly you are buying (metal, stone, quality), buying jewelry online requires you to stretch your imagination. Unlike clothes, jewelry cannot be altered and, in most cases, cannot be returned either. How do you decide what to buy and if it’s going to suit you? How do you decide if what you are buying is worth your money? How can you make shopping for jewelry online fun and the same time safe?


Whether you are an avid jewelry shopper or someone who doesn’t buy a lot of jewelry, price will always be one of the most important considerations. Most independent designers and jewelers with websites offer good value for money given lower overhead costs and at the same offer unique products. Big name department stores on the other hand usually have higher prices to accommodate substantial overhead costs and, in general, their products are not as unique. That said, on sale, many of the big brand name department stores offer deep discounts that then make their products attractive from a price perspective. Independent and smaller designers usually do not offer rebates in excess of 20% off as their normal price already reflects a lower profit margin. Something to note – the traditional big design houses like Cartier and Bvlgari never go on sale for jewelry.

Credibility and Safety

117Beware of online fraud – do your research! Because opening an online store or building a website is so easy now, there are some bogus sites that one has to be careful of when shopping online. The big brand names have their standard safety precautions and are easy to buy from. If you are buying from smaller or independent designers make sure they have a recognized and good payment gateway system. Another thing to note is their return policy and after sales care. Go through customer reviews and comments; see what others are saying about them. Research their name and qualifications to see if the information that comes up about the designer is valid.

Product Variety

Whether you are looking for a gift, a statement piece or a simple everyday pair of earrings, you are more likely to find something that you like with a retailer that carries a big variety in jewelry. If you have trouble finding exactly what you need, you can always get it custom made by independent designers who will make it for less than what the big brands charge.

Buy what is best for you

714It is not easy to judge how a certain piece of jewelry will look on you without being able to try it on. Avid and frequent jewelry buyers are quite familiar with styles that suit them and styles that don’t. For people who are not experimental with jewelry or not frequent shoppers, buy pieces that are classic and simple. All good retailers will state the length and size of the piece of jewelry, be in earrings or necklaces.

Before you buy rings, you must know what your ring size is. You can walk into any jewelry shop ask to get your ring size measured without buying anything.

If you are not sure about the shape of earrings that will suit your face, a couple of points to remember are:

  • Mid length earrings, drop shapes, ovals suit most faces.
  • Round earrings are the most difficult to wear.

_DSC0034 copyMany independent and small designers will take time out to help you out in choosing what is right for you. Be it finding something right for a certain occasion, or finding something that is right for you.

The online world gives you countless options to fulfill all your jewelry needs. Be a smart shopper by doing a little research, taking your time and asking any question you need to ask to get your purchase right.

If you are not sure about the shape of earrings that will suit your face, a couple of points to remember are:
Mid length earrings, drop shapes, ovals suit most faces. Round earrings are the most difficult to wear.


Jewelery Designer & Gemologist (G.I.A)
Shikha Sawhney Lamba
Originally from New Delhi, Shikha currently lives in Hong Kong where she runs her own jewelry business. Her silver jewelry can be purchased online from her website: www.shikhaslamba.com
She also retails from “Sanskrit” (No.1 Lyndhurst Terrace, H.K.) She consults by appointmentonly and can be reached at – shikhaslamba@gmail.com


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