The Healing And Mystical Power of Gemstones


232-4I have to start this article by stating that the opinions below are completely my own, and they do not represent the opinions of any gemological institutions, religious practices or research organizations.

For centuries cultures all over the world have sought gems not only for their beauty and value, but also for their healing and mystic properties.

In ancient times, stories of kings, sorcerers, and magicians told of gemstones used for healing purposes, to ward off evil, or to provide powers. Many of these gems were placed in temples and shrines, and under the watchful eye of the priests so that their “power” was not misused.

203-3Today the stories may have changed and we may not have the kings and sorcerers of those days, yet the mystical value of gemstones yet remains. Priests and god men, astrologers and healers believe strongly in gemstones having different properties and powers that can help people deal with most health and life issues.

Gemstones today are widely used in meditations, spiritual practices and healing practices. One of the most popular of these practices is the Chakra healing, which supports the belief that there are 7 energy centers in our body. Chakras, according to the scriptures are associated with certain colors and certain gemstones. Apart from Chakra healing and meditation practices, priests and astrologers popularly support the use of gemstones for ailments and personality disorders. People have been known to wear anywhere between two to ten gemstones to help them with issues such as anger, alcoholism, monetary loss, failed marriages, inability to conceive, success in business’ etc . There are many people who believe that a certain gemstone either made their life, or ruined their life.

234-3Lets, look at some of the popular gemstones and their “mystical” properties.
In India the most commonly used gems for these purposes are: Yellow sapphire, coral, pearl, ruby, blue sapphire, emerald, garnet, quartz, white opal, moonstone and diamond.

In many western beliefs stones such as amethyst, turquoise, aquamarine, jade, lapis and onyx are also valued for their healing properties for issues ranging from anger, alcoholism, greed, pain, creativity, intimacy, nerves, clarity, balance etc.
Even though the list of gemstones and their uses and benefits are easily available online and in books, there are many variables in the process for some. In India, you must not only wear the stone which is right for you, it needs to suit your zodiac sign, it also needs to be of a certain size, quality, set in a certain metal, worn on a particular day, and on a particular part of your body. In comparison, most western beliefs do not have such restrictions. Gemstone “healing” and “chakra” jewelry is widely available online and in stores for people to purchase and wear.

896 901Addressing the issue of whether this practice is real, and do gemstones contain magical, or healing properties…my opinion is – Could very well be!

For me it all boils down to a simple word that explains why some stones may lift our mood, make us happy, clear our minds or heal us. The same word explains why we click instantly with some people, and not with others. Why certain colors, sounds and smells invoke different emotions and reactions in our minds and bodies. That word is ENERGY.

Gemstones are formed within the earth’s crust, battling against time, intense pressure and heat, and are a great source of energy. These are atoms and molecules that come together with specific chemical compositions, making each stone very unique. Carbon is used widely in modern and ancient medicinal practices.
I may not agree with the complete commercialization of this phenomenon or the complete dependence of it, but I do believe it exists. Will wearing a certain stone change everything in your life for the good or bad…probably not. It will take a lot more than a shiny gem to solve your problems and heal you, but as an aid to the biggest energy source you have, that being you yourself, gems can probably do no harm.

_DSC0282-copyBy popular belief the stones have the following properties –
Yellow Sapphire – Worn for good health, success in work and business, and protection from evil spirits.
Coral – Worn for good health and positive energy
Pearl, moonstone, white opal – For calming the mind, for purity
Emerald – For calming the mind, prosperity, anger issues
Ruby – For power and energy
Garnet (not all varieties) – health
Blue Sapphire – known to be a very powerful stone, not suitable for all
Diamond – For keeping the mind calm and balanced

Shikha Sawhney Lamba
Jewelery Designer & Gemologist (G.I.A)
Originally from New Delhi, Shikha currently lives in Hong Kong where she runs her own jewelry business. Her silver jewelry can be purchased online from her website: www.shikhaslamba.com
She also retails from “Sanskrit” (No.1 Lyndhurst Terrace, H.K.) She consults by appointment only and can be reached at – shikhaslamba@gmail.com


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