Yoga treatment for high Cholesterol (Part-1)

High cholesterol is a condition caused mainly by sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and eating habits, and above all stress. If left unmanaged it may lead to cardiovascular disease or coronary heart disease. Yoga therapy focuses on treating mind, body and soul to manage and maintain optimum cholesterol levels.

The combination of Yogasanas, Pranayama and Meditation helps to lower cholesterol by improving blood circulation and detoxification of body systems. Regular Yoga practice massages and soothes the internal organs and reduces the level of
stress hormones.

The following asanas can help one in managing high cholesterol. Before trying any new exercise program do the basic worm up. Like a neck, back band, forward band, side, arms, and legs stretching.

1) Yoga Exercise Standing Side Stretch Pose


The Standing Side Stretch Yoga Pose may give you the look of a tree swayed by wind, though this pose offers more benefits than just a stretch on your branches. This side stretch will increase the flexibility of your spine, arms, and rib cage as it stimulates the liver, kidney, and spleen functions. Furthermore, the Yoga Pose will also help realign your spinal column, improve the blood circulation and will aid the lungs to take in more oxygen.

2) Breath in Backward and breath out forward Bends(10TIME )


3.Bending the spine right and left (10 TIME)


Your fingers continue to remain interlaced above your head. Exhale and slightly bend to the right side. Hold and keep breathing. Breathe in and come back to the center Exhale and bend a little to the left side. Ensure that you are not bending to the front or back, and that one hand is not stretched more than the other. Breathing in, come back to the center.

4) Thunderbolt pose or the kneeling pose

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Sit in Vajrasana, the Thunderbolt pose or the kneeling pose. Place your hands on the thighs and breathe in a relaxed manner. Raise both your hands above the head, palms facing forward. The arms should be in line with the shoulders slowly bend down and bring the hands forward, till the hands and forehead touched the ground. Exhale while you are bending forward In the final position the forehead and hands rest on the ground.  Rest in this position for as. Long as you are comfortable. In the final position slow rhythmic and relaxed breathing can be done. Exhale slowly and come back to the starting position (kneeling pose).Repeat this process for 5 to 10 rounds depending on time and comfort. Vajrasana is an excellent meditative pose. Sitting in this pose immediately after meals increases digestion, relieves constipation, acidity, flatulence, and other stomach disorders. It releases anxiety and stress and calms the mind. It also increases blood circulation, strengthens thigh muscles, stretches the spine, relieves joint pains and helps reduce obesity.

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